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  • Dock / Slip Canopy Covers – Needs taken down for winterization, snow loads and wind can damage / collapse covers and frames. Needs re installed during spring season. New string every year, reuse of undamaged tarps. Winterization storage is included and benefits both parties. Tarps can be repaired.

  • Dock Anchor Resets & Cable Replacements – Cables & Anchors wear and rust. Anchor replacements are done with specially designed wedged dock anchors. We dive to hook to existing anchors.

  • Dock Floatation – Logs become water logged and floatation decreases.

  • Dock Hinge Replacement – Hinging dock sections for changes in water elevation. In the past was commonly used to attach all sections together; larger boats and waves are causing excessive wear on hinged connections. If docks don't go aground in winter, typically we will eliminate the hinged connection and replace with solid connection.

  • Dock Slip Stabilizer / Rough Water Protection – Adding a Yoke ties all of the slip sections together with a underwater structure bolted to each finger section. Spacers provide enough clearance for the boat to pull in the slip and improves overall stability. Acting as a wave attenuator and preventing damage during rough water conditions. By adding a Yoke the dock moves in unison preventing canopy frame damage (and other dock accessories / structures (rails, gangways, etc..) and walking down the finger section is much easier with less dock movement.